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The other hand was sliding up my thigh. He caught up with me and put his arm round my shoulder. I could not contain myself and picked up the pace rapidly. The ride up to Vermont was long and boring, but once the four teenagers pulled into the log cabin's driveway, they all got very excited.

"Miss Christina Parker-Richmond," the town crier announced and she stepped forward. I got up, ate a little breakfast and took a shower.

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Akinora 8 months ago
In MY personal real life experience, the ones who have the most to say about it do not, which is super hypocritical.
Zum 7 months ago
You are a homophobe and a known liar. I posted a link, you asked for. The you claimed it was invalid, then when you found out it was peer reviewed, from a well known and respected school, you ignored its topic and its findings and quote minded the damned summary and tried to act like it backed up our ignorance.
Jura 7 months ago
Not quite "end of story".
Karg 7 months ago
WTF is hashbrown casserole and how TF can I get some?!
Kelar 7 months ago
If God is beyond the physical realm, then empirical proof of His existence is beyond the reach of science. This means that science can neither rule in nor rule out God's existence. Science cannot "debunk" what it cannot measure.
Mizil 7 months ago
There are some men?s clubs but they?re generally like upscale
JoJorisar 7 months ago
And I'm trying to figure out what mass shooting was carried out in the name of atheism.
Vojin 6 months ago
The 1st Amendment says he does...
Tokree 6 months ago
You didn't answer my question
Gardajin 6 months ago
Let's not let facts get in the way.
Nakus 6 months ago
Paul was a misogynist. But, in fairness, everyone was back then.
Faular 6 months ago
Good you got out esp. that she?s planning to ?use a kid? as a means to get what she wants. Hardly ever the reason to have a baby. :(
Tutilar 6 months ago
Not for long.
Yosho 6 months ago
Nothing's 100%, but with sports and whatever else is meaningful excepted, it really doesn't have much meaning. So, California state funded colleges don't attend conferences? That sounds more like being left out than punished the host states. The Texas Medical Center for instance, does more medical research than anywhere else in the world. If you're shut out of there, you really don't count.
Mim 6 months ago
No cut your losses ,he's no longer relevant
Akinokazahn 5 months ago
That's how good Buffy was. They could do an entire episode with hardly any dialogue and it was still good!
Taktilar 5 months ago
Your god is responsible for 470,000,000 abortions each year. Get him to knock it off, then we'll talk.
Brajas 5 months ago
There are these places called libraries.................................
Gakazahn 5 months ago
First of all, those people are not thinking about "cost-effectiveness." They are eating what tastes good. Period. It is the same mentality and attitude that leads them to "poverty." Immediate gratification, lack of self-discipline, unwillingness to delay satisfying desires.
Maugis 5 months ago
Your grasp on the obvious is duly noted.
Faetaxe 4 months ago
My family and I lived in Hawaii for some years, while my kids were in primary school, and they got to see racial prejudice from the wrong side. It was no fun for either of them but tougher for my son.
Vusar 4 months ago
I will not disappoint you and let you know from the gitgo that I will not watch the video. I am what all here call a fundamentalist. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. The Bible is the Word of God. Many here know where I stand and know that I will not waver. Only one thing has changed my life and that is the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Fare thee well.
Tygomi 4 months ago
Not talking about law, though. Just the fact that pro choice is about not forcing your own opinion on someone.
Kazrashakar 4 months ago
Yeah i think i got banned within 30 minutes of my first post, though telling the moderator to gonfuck himself might have had to do with it
Arakazahn 4 months ago
Wait a sec - aren't Republicans in Congress the ones that all clamor to name a new bill with mandatory minimums after some semi-famous victim? That's how we get here in the first place - Republicans claim that judges are "too liberal." I mean, that is unless your name is Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner (his father), James Flynn, (insert Trump Campaign Person's Name Here _______)
Meramar 4 months ago
No. There aren't.
Kegore 4 months ago
Why did she need to be a virgin? All of the kings of Israel had been "messiahs" (= "anointed ones").
Malanris 3 months ago
Or in other words...
Mikajin 3 months ago
A big fish.
Digore 3 months ago
Ummm, Why did you just call me a little girl? I'm not that little.....
Akinozahn 3 months ago
Sure I noticed it; but you still need to be educated on the facts.
Fautilar 3 months ago
Species to evolve, but only enough to fit into you Bible tinted view of the world.
Samunris 3 months ago
"generation" is not referring to mankind."
Jukinos 2 months ago
Earth is not. The only difference between Earth and say Neptune besides the obvious, is life. Neptune is a rock. Earth has life on it and if it didn't have life on it, it would also be a rock.

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