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"I agree giving money to homeless and poor is poor policy. We need to decriminalize drugs and focus on treatment. If we took money from incarceration and put it into treatment programs and housing we might make so headway. Thank you Cam for your work in this field"

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Gahn 11 months ago
Sell them at auction to private owners to be erected on private lands.
Sakus 11 months ago
So, anytime someone challenges the historicity of the Bible, they are "bashing religion"?
Tygogrel 11 months ago
The idea that the Gospels don't portray Jesus as God is wrong IMO. Even Bart Ehrman said in a blog post that he use to feel this way (and argued this in debates as well), but he changed his mind:
Vucage 10 months ago
Hmm, perhaps the parties ought to reconsider their titles.
Dushakar 10 months ago
Proverbs , huh?
Faera 10 months ago
Yup. In that OP, he was playing the part of the skeptical father who just tried something because he was at the end of his rope, and he didn't think it would actually work, but behold, it did! The story sounded bogus then, and this seals the deal on its authenticity. This OP is just shilling for some belief in demons.
Mezizilkree 10 months ago
Invite whyte rage
Voodoohn 9 months ago
You are funny.
Kigagis 9 months ago
How do you know it has?
Arazahn 9 months ago
ROTFLMAO... I'll bet there was never any public apology for being wrong...
Dajin 9 months ago
Care to name a few credible historians who support the concept of myths in their work? Perhaps the academic work they've done to support the historical accuracy of myths?
Zulkizragore 9 months ago
What good news. The mythology written about him?
Voodooshicage 8 months ago
'Everything'? Yeah, no hyperbole or emo silliness there. Bye.
Yocage 8 months ago
Is that what Saun King is telling you?
Meztinris 8 months ago
God?s will is for people to embrace Love, as taught by Christ and demonstrated by a variety of epistemologies, Psychosomatic Medicine and experiential learning not the least of them.
Mejinn 8 months ago
funny, he has never been under investigation
Fegami 8 months ago
Why are Ohio Republican owned businesses hiring illegal aliens?
Yokasa 8 months ago
He rejected Christianity when he became a young adult ... probably earlier but never admitted it until later.
Zulkimi 7 months ago
If I find it in my personal library, it gets taken off the shelf and removed from the premises.
Tora 7 months ago
Why not? That is precisely what Luke did. He explicitly says that was his purpose. So if you think about it, Luke should be our only Gospel. Why would Luke exclude all the information in John? Why copy and change a lot of what Mark says?
Zulukus 7 months ago
While not all liberals or conservatives are the same, pretty much all NYC Liberals are the same and point blank they tend to be just like the guy in Harlem.
Dazuru 7 months ago
Con-men are in every ideology. Theism and anti-theism attract con-men along with sincere seekers.

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