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"Well, that's the way you see it."

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Unfortunately, our landlord virst forbids the presence of any and all non-human creatures. "You like my cock in your cunt??" I demanded. They stood proudly on the swelling of my breasts, sticking out about 12 inch.

Within seconds, all shreds of reality had faded and all that remained was the fantasy.

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That was a charge. She was tired and tan and sunburned as well. " "Let's go baby doll. "Oh my innards!" the prince cried, but decorum prevented him joining his servants who were hanging from the windows vomiting freely.

"Here it comes!" I thought eagerly as I saw him approach.

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Zulusar 8 months ago
You demanded someone articulate and defend a statement? How dare you!
Salmaran 8 months ago
I imagine women are sick of putting chemical birth control in their bodies and dealing with the side effects that often go along with it...and their partner is a dick about wearing a condom. OR if they have a decent partner who doesn't mind condoms, it didn't stop every single unplanned pregnancy from happening.
Kaganris 7 months ago
False. God created the sun and the moon precisely when they were needed. God's days are exactly like ours. God does not dwell within time and space, but He created the earth in time and space.
Kelmaran 7 months ago
I?m a scientist though. I don?t do proof
Daijas 7 months ago
I don't understand these women. When they signed up for the class they knew it wasn't just for women, right? Why are they acting all freaked out when there are men in the class?
Kazracage 7 months ago
Is this the first thing you read this month?
Kalmaran 7 months ago
I think he?s totally out of his depth, but that also means I?ll have rock-bottom expectations... those are the easiest to meet. Fair compromise.
Bazshura 7 months ago
I hope you are human. Are you sure you understood the question?
Moogusho 7 months ago
My unfavorite: Faith is inherently irrational, and atheists don't believe anything without proof. Uh huh.
Arashikora 6 months ago
Yep. Agree. It is a step by step Replacement as every person accepts the better Reality in Jesus vs his own. And in this case it is the Replacement of the last to walk totally in the Life of Jesus. This is the second coming and a possibility for any Child who reach Maturity in Christ. This is desired because then the Kingdom Ruling is manifested on earth. And the earth sure needs it right now before human selfish, unwise ruling is totally destroying it. So "Oh Yeah" should rather cheer us on because there lies the future of this planet and his too.
Dat 6 months ago
And just who is that?
Kasida 6 months ago
USP = Unique selling point.
Teshura 6 months ago
Downtown Toronto goes NDP
Meztitaxe 6 months ago
I am no delusional god-king commanding the tide not to rise, my friend.
Necage 6 months ago
You know that to a Klansman, just the accident of being born with dark skin, automatically makes you unable to do or perform certain tasks.It dooms to you unrewarded manual labor and meanwhile makes you a threat an even George Washington carver intellectually inferior to some dumb hick white town drunk.
Meztilkis 5 months ago
I said nothing about morality I was talking about your god.
Dazahn 5 months ago
I really liked Annes, but thought Fergies really suited her, also check out Princess Margarets, dated by very classy too.
Bajas 5 months ago
Wanted to make SURE you didn't think I directed that at you. : )
Sharn 5 months ago
Ok, so you have to witness a fire alarm work before you trust one? Were you in a building as it burned to reach this understanding of fire alarms? Because you should be able to understand the simplicity of a fire alarm without watching it in operation.
Mukasa 4 months ago
Now thats true for me to.
Nikot 4 months ago
Lol, if being in a state of complete delusion of reality is your thing and it?s working for you. Stay on that train but even train tracks end at some point.
Mushicage 4 months ago
You haven't noticed that I'm only doing it with you, because you glommed on to an irrelevant point and won't let it go. So I keep yanking your chain. 12 hours ago Hilarius explained it to you, but you wanted to have an argument with a strawman, so I've been obliging you.
Tudal 4 months ago
And consent to using a pen isn't consent to write on a paper.

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