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"The Catholic Church (Tradition). Unfortunately I don't know of a key or legend. But there are many great bible commentaries, catechisms, etc. by the Church doctors and fathers. They don't all agree 100% but more or less pretty close I think."

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Shaktigal 11 months ago
"But I guess there are some fundamental moral rules that always apply in every society."
Nami 11 months ago
How is 7 - 2 a narrow holding?
Akinotilar 10 months ago
Hitler was a sadistic globalist and his legacy continues to this day.
Gubei 10 months ago
Trump is doing Putin's bidding and destroying western alliances.
Shakazuru 10 months ago
I'd also add as a religious person, I'd prefer if you didn't make it a point to suggest my beliefs are "stupid hangups", particularly when I've made it a point to try to more deeply understand your beliefs. I'd expect others to make an effort to do the same as well, without resorting to insult. But if that's how you'd like to play the game, I'd prefer not to play at all.
Faejora 10 months ago
Have you seen SuperTroopers (2001)?
Mataxe 10 months ago
My call that the Liberals would be wiped out was wrong: but your prediction was pretty close. No crow for you!
Fenrim 10 months ago
Your argument ignores costs, assuming there is no additional expense from the additional activity of providing services.
Tukazahn 9 months ago
LOL after 6 or 7 times I might catch on...
Dunos 9 months ago
It has been proven that there was no spy placed in Rumps campaign and they did their job as they should have.
Shale 9 months ago
"banning all 3"...
Arashirr 9 months ago
There actually are mentions in the Talmud of a Miriam, who in context and in connection with other Talmudic and Tosefta accounts sounds a lot like the mother of "Yeshu."
Karr 8 months ago
"Funny how Porphyry condemns the forgers of twelve books in the name of Pythagoras as shameless fabricators."
Arashikinos 8 months ago
Yes, your high school diploma is hard to compete with, LOL
Kisida 8 months ago
Yet Mariam they still do enact laws based on their religious views. The Supreme Court is full of cases that prove this. From prayers in public schools, to placing the Ten Commandments and other Christian theological claptrap in our public spaces, to DOMA which was fully based on the Christian hate of same sex marriage, to abstinence only sex education in our schools, to anti-abortion laws, to Florida going nuts and now commanding In God We Trust in our public schools, to Betsy DeVos demanding and working to implement taxpayers funds going to religious schools. The list goes on and on and on.
Arashirg 8 months ago
So waa Fay Ray....
Kigak 8 months ago
No, thank you for listening ;-))
Muzil 8 months ago
lol too funny. It is interesting to watch. They keep each other in check and look out for each other. Then on the other hand they know what makes each other tick. One look can be bamboo under the fingernails from the other.
Melrajas 7 months ago
I can choose not to believe in "Him" since there is no evidence there is a "Him".
JoJom 7 months ago
If you were in a fast car parked in a sexy spot in the woods, how would you start her engine?
Nenos 7 months ago
In a Forum as this for instance Wisdom will Emerge without the "splitting of babies". The Good about it is that we will not be divided anymore. As everybody will agree to the Wisdom displayed. And the law enforcers will be one of us. Family Life Lived. As at this stage they have to be "above us" ruling in fear and punishment and all are just watching out for them, fearing them too. They are in the position to push the button on you. They have "breaking up power". And they also are ruled in turn by their laws.
Kak 7 months ago
Oh well, things always find an even keel.
Gakree 7 months ago
So that means that all other ideas OUTSIDE of religion should be taught in schools?
Tygogar 7 months ago
Robbie was content to leave the heavy lifting to others while he got cats out of trees.
Tulrajas 6 months ago
As a practical matter, the way religions work, the way they come into existence, is with one man (or in some cases woman) who has a mystical experience in his or her mind with something intelligent and creative that he or she calls "God". That person then speaks the message, sometimes in first person, impresses followers, and spreads the spoken message around. If that message is perceived to be high stuff, folks become followers. Right?
Kilar 6 months ago
I do not see anything greater than wisdom, knowledge and experience leads to wisdom. God is said to be wise, and if 'we' were able to be as wise, 'we' would also be capable of collaborating with ultimate laws that allows one consciousness to 'control' ultimate universal laws, actually 'we would not 'control' those 'laws' but would be part of them in our wisdom and how to use it wisely.
Mokora 6 months ago
Perhaps you could point me to just one instead of lying.
Mezikazahn 6 months ago
Well, since atheists can reason, and if they reason that having one spouse is good. Perhaps they can reason together that no one should take each others wives.

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