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656 22:1110 months ago

"Meh. I can't say that I honestly care in this case. If he knew how to behave himself, he wouldn't be in this pickle to begin with. Only has himself to blame."

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It was almost as if she had planned the whole thing. "I know, and that's what makes this not as virrginity. She told him that she'd had special surgery when she was younger to have all of her body hair removed. It furthermore read: At the auction, three finalists will be selected, who will all bid for the highest prices.

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Gak 10 months ago
The business doesn't have rights. It has laws to follow. The person doesn't have to. He can hire others. He can outsource. But he can't turn away gay customers just for being gay, or black customers just for being black. Those laws are in place. They aren't going anywhere
Yozshuzragore 10 months ago
Huh? How is oral "open to procreation", again?
Feran 9 months ago
Who said it was?
Dizshura 9 months ago
You are not engaging in an interesting conversation. I expect someone to "think" and "engage" their minds to "know" the type of society they live in and how different aspects are currently affecting it. If you are unable to do this, move on. If you do not know how algebra affects your life, open your eyes and live life. Drive a car....
Mozil 9 months ago
(1) Only as big as necessary for its creation.
Dotaxe 9 months ago
Hahaha ! I believe the part about stalkers....
Kagazil 9 months ago
We'll get right on that!
Brakinos 8 months ago
I also wouldn't be shocked if part of his problem isn't roid rage.
Shaktigor 8 months ago
You're a New Atheist yourself. That could be why you want him to be on your side no matter what trash you spout. You hear someone defending REAL religious history, and you go crazy if they're not toeing the new atheist party line. You're an apologist for anything that is anti-religious whether true or false, truly like a fake newser, right?
Menos 8 months ago
Unethical, lapsing. What word you use if I mentally abused you?
Mogal 8 months ago
Ah, thanks, I did miss that. You do realize that this document was written in the 6th or 7th Century and that almost no Christians accept this documents historicity? To call it a "Christian source" is a stretch. It's a source that very, very few Christians take seriously.
Fauran 8 months ago
The epistle of James is dated around 40 to 50AD by some and Paul's latters about 52 till 58 AD. These dates are less than 30 years after the death of Christ. Paul may not have known Christ but he could easily have been alive at the same time. We know he was alive at the same time as many of the apostles since he was helping the Jewish authorities to persecute them initially.
Shacage 8 months ago
Yes, and that 90% isn't exactly a melting pot is it? Japan is the same way...few to no foreigners or any group other than natives. Extremely low crime nice is that? But its no melting pot. So...its not anything to do with atheism. Trouble arises when you don't think alike bud.
Mushicage 7 months ago
Misplaced exclamation points are a sign of sloppy thinking, Al.
Telkree 7 months ago
It's almost cherry season here in Washington State - yum. The Rainiers are incredibly tasty.
Voodookora 7 months ago
Bush senior RAISED taxes. One of the big reasons he lost his election.
Yogar 7 months ago
FIFA will do what it always does - see how much money its board members can make, and decide accordingly.
Akikree 7 months ago
Yeah I get how you jump on the chance to talk bad about Christians. Like I said, it was caused from 400 years of orthodox Islam which deliberately uses people as weapons against foreign nations that aren't under Islamic rule.
Akigor 7 months ago
Lol. The average import tariff in the US of EU goods is 2 percent lower than vice versa. Tariffs are not the reason for the US trade deficit. Protectionism will not help you.
Shakajind 6 months ago
Perhaps Billy would be better off on the knitting channel?
Malabar 6 months ago
Rent here is an entirely different story. I'd be paying almost double my mortgage just to get a decent apartment with some space. It's so stupid.
Kazijar 6 months ago
You can't answer my question. As my granny used to say; All mouth and trousers!
Mezigami 6 months ago
Yeah, that's the ticket!
Kazrall 6 months ago
A perfect world isn?t possible, but we would get closer to it if we discarded religious faith.
Zulull 6 months ago
That's true. Unless they are bogged down with another Benghazi hearing.
JoJogul 6 months ago
I consider it undeniably a separate life at that point.

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