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"Not only that but if "God is LOVE" how can he HATE?"

Fat boss fucks his Slutty secretary in hotel

"Me too," Mary Marvel said a second later as she tossed her costume on top of Juniors. It was no secret to her people that at one time they had been lovers.

So close. Greg's fingers moved quickly, fingering me the way I imagine he wanted to fuck me. Her nipples were a little bit larger than quarters and were much darker than Belinda's. "Take off your shirt and redgead me feel your tits properly" I begged of her.

" I could see that I had put him on the spot but I just smiled and let him continue "I thought that you were upset that I saw them, but then when you took your hands away I just didn't know what to think, I definitely didn't expect you to come closer and, put rredhead hands on them I mean, that was more than I was ready for to be honest.

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Dailkree 2 months ago
Oh, so now you're referring to impeachment votes? Speaking of idiots, perhaps you would look less idiotic had you mentioned in your earlier post that that is what you are referring to. You see, The House votes all the time on lots of things---several hundred votes per year, in fact. Speaking in secret Trumpkinese code only makes your posts look more incoherent. Do better, son.
Kaktilar 2 months ago
Well the woman that wrote that article is an officer, anyone in the military knows officers are the laziest do-nothings in the military. So, I don't really have any respect for her opinions on what the enlisted do. Also, she comes across as the type of woman to blame another woman for being raped because she had a short skirt on. Then she states a reason to not have women in the infantry is because it will make cases of sexual assault/harassment increase, again, she is blaming the victims here. I appreciate your BF's service, but I don't agree. I only know what I've seen and experienced.
Gardamuro 2 months ago
Check out the propaganda posters from WW1 - one can easily see where Tolkien has picked up his image of orcs. Sharp teeth, green skin, so on.
Akinozilkree 2 months ago
Nobody here is suggesting that sexuality is genetic.
Tojasar 1 month ago
Where else is it coming from?
Maunris 1 month ago
But.. if they were from where we're from then they would know... That we gotta get ours in a big black truck, but they can get theirs in a 6-4.
Malaktilar 1 month ago
It works pretty much the same.
Kazirg 1 month ago
"black Moors" lolol
Brazragore 1 month ago
And from that, I got a suspension! ARGH!
Dosho 1 month ago
To play devil's advocate for a moment, the OP assumes "prayer" is an attempt to convince a deity to intervene in one's life. But for some people, prayer is not talking to God, but a way to pause and reconnect with their deepest emotions and their love, and to add some healing stillness into their life.
Durn 3 weeks ago
?It?s not even smart enough to be moronic?
Tauran 2 weeks ago
Did you see the results from last Tuesday?
Yokora 2 weeks ago
If you look at what the passage you posted is saying, it is pointing to the building that is built being tried in the fire. It says that their work will be brought to light by the day.
Daizil 1 week ago
What reasoning did he admit to in this particular case? Please cite his testimony to that effect.
Meztijar 2 days ago
Sure you can. You can't arrest him, but you can indict him. Then it's up to Congress.
Faeshakar 18 hours ago
Being a conservative I agree of course. However, the old school liberals of the "bleeding heart" variety are precious to me. I may disagree with their methods but their compassion for others makes me love them.

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