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619 15:536 months ago

"I totally get your point on the spending and total cost to the taxpayer. It isn't without merit."

Candyman from Bountyland

JoanI was making little noises each time I pushed all the way into her. just a minute. When she saw him she smiled and said "Hi.

Candyman from Bountyland

This is my first time at writing erotic stories, so please critique. She acted all nice and innocent, but truly, she was evil.

I slowly raised my breast to my mouth and tried to kiss the nipple. This has increased my senses when I feel the flogger hit my ass then my back then my ass is spread out as she attaches my legs to the wall spread.

She wasn't quite as tight as Jessie, but she engulfed my cock like a warm glove. It didn't really matter I hadn't done anything myself, it was just done to me. His tongue rolled around my clit making me moan loudly. Thank you. "I am not. I was shocked, but the kissing felt good at the same time, and he was feeling my dick as he did it.

I don't know at what point she stopped breastfeeding me, but sometimes when I squeezed or slept on top of one, milk would come out. It was all normal, my mom greeted my professor and we ate dinner along with my father.

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Mezilkree 6 months ago
A part of me thinks that's at least part of the problem: that parents shelter their kids too much.
Dougis 6 months ago
As I suspected.
Samujora 6 months ago
There are perdurable concepts of morality and evil, of course.
Mushakar 6 months ago
Great minds :)
Kaktilar 5 months ago
?, it wouldn't even make the proposition of your god more likely... not even a little bit.?
Nikosar 5 months ago
If you don't recognize that you yourself are absolute proof of God's existence, then you probably have a misconception about what (some like to say, "who", which is a large part of their fundamental error) God really is. A lot of people do.
Kigat 5 months ago
He has preserved the Bible for you. Also, look at the existence of Israel.
Mijar 5 months ago
Exactly - Atheists tend to fight quite hard for government neutrality when it comes to religion. This includes recognizing the right of each person to have their own opinions ("beliefs") but it does not include in any way imposing those opinions on others.
Zulkijind 5 months ago
Not defending his ideas - but Ockham's razor is NOT some sort of Universal law. Quantum mechanics proves that quite nicely.
Dizilkree 4 months ago
"Can you name other historical instances where Christians were wrong in their claims about what was moral?"
Kigakora 4 months ago
How the hell did the cavs make the finals...this team is awful
Mit 4 months ago
Why give one abuser group an exemption for child abuse?
Goltirg 4 months ago
The man who was in charge of Canada and Canadians ordered the British fleet to burn Washington DC.
Babei 4 months ago
Isn't that what I said?
Maujin 4 months ago
Can you make a shoe stink?!
Tulkis 4 months ago
Only Americans worry about this.
Yole 4 months ago
It says it happened another way. Why not? Godditit? it so extreme?
Gozahn 3 months ago
When I think of Toronto these days, I think of Mad Max Movies.
Kagabei 3 months ago
OK, I'll watch the entire Star Wars saga, something will come up.
Nir 3 months ago
Those Mr Spock logic all the time types usually don't mesh well with me anyway. We probably wouldn't have made it past the 1st date.
Ball 3 months ago
Just dump her on the side of road.
Vikree 3 months ago
I expected nothing less from America-hating CNN.
Mezizragore 2 months ago
If anyone can, honestly, read the entire Bible and not come to the conclusion that the main character of the Bible isn't evil, then I would love to know how they reached that conclusion. If they can also read that collection of stories and not wonder why there are so many contradictions and falsehoods, I would like to know just how minimal their education is along with just how minimally they understand the world.
Nill 2 months ago
nope, it was all god
Gardalkree 2 months ago
You keep saying bigotry, but it's obviously not about bigotry, and that's partially why this case was 7-2 in his favor.
Faukree 2 months ago
Oh well if you want to know? I believe that Christians who spew evil, who spew hate, who demand that LGBT's, Atheists and Pagans and others be put to death, or imprisoned? Simply because they cherry pick buybull verses to go along with their hate, bigotry, misogyny? Should be given the treatment of what is called for in their buybull and have done unto them as what they want to do unto others, and see just how the hell they like it.
Bralar 2 months ago
Did or did not NASA, have faith in landing people on the Moon?
Mazum 2 months ago
Well.... We were getting close to the door passing the time chatting with the girls in front and behind us.
Telrajas 1 month ago
Thats a rather misguided view of religion don't you think?
Daizragore 1 month ago
But just to be clear - I'm agreeing with your conclusions, but not your logic. And I strongly suspect you're being coy, as you know this logic is used by others to justify an atheist viewpoint.
Kazijora 1 month ago
Yeah, I mean, they did it to themselves. Weak people they are.
Nezragore 1 month ago
I am definitely virgin on the ridiculous!
Mek 1 month ago
LOL. And I'm the troll!

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