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"The role of sex in driving genetic variation and generating higher biodiversity has been debated for over a century. Speeding up evolution may increase genetic variation, but surprisingly it can reduce species diversity, according to a study led by Carlos J. Melian from Eawag ? Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Switzerland."

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She looked up and moaned as she saw her lovers kissing. I didn't think of it until much later that the lactation might have been the reason her breasts were so big, full, and erect.

I took my fingers to his mouth and he licked them. "Stop teasing me, please. If your friend isn't around anytime I'd be real pleased to take his place" I could feel myself getting redder and redder and he laughed as I rushed off down the path to my bike.

Her face was slamming into Marcela's cunt with each stroke. I took that as a hint and got up, made sure that my nightie was covering everything properly and went upstairs to my room. We played basketball or hang-out to drink on some local bars.

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Kesar 1 month ago
if a bad guy goes to jail, it's a good thing.
Kijas 1 month ago
Lol why do your threads always bring out the crazy, sis? Lol.
Zulkishakar 1 month ago
Children are a function of the physical interaction of their parents (or at least their dna), and are born literally made out of their mother's physical body, in all cases. Because that is how children are created. And we hold human beings to be intelligent, and creative. Certainly their primary function in nature is creation, I mean, like every living thing knows that. And they choose the best mates calculated to generate the best and brightest offspring. That is everywhere in nature. That is intelligence and creativity at work there. And to be sure, it is a creative dance with nature. Our role in nature is as co-creators with nature itself (everything in nature is unique and therefore all interactions generate a unique result) and no one can fully predict the outcome.
Mazukinos 3 weeks ago
Well ok so oil deposits in a few more years but you get the idea
Zuzragore 2 weeks ago
"It is not the case that people who don't believe the same things you do are automatically unreasonable." --- If you knew what a straw man argument was, you would realize that this was a straw man argument.
Kitaxe 2 weeks ago
The thing is that both Catholics and Jews are loving numbers because of intermarriage and lack of commitment to the religion. Catholicism and Judaism will be around but they won't be the same and the numbers will be sorely depleted.
Musho 1 week ago
It is nice that you care. I don't know about where you live, but here The primary earner could have to pay spousal support for a while to help the ex get started. The other thing, here, if you have a retirement, every year longer you stay together, the more of that the other will be entitled to. So if you are ultimately going to split, sooner is wiser than later.
Vucage 3 days ago
Yes, it's clear and obvious nonsense. So why does anyone believe it? It's a mystery.

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