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151 11:111 year ago

"You comment is the least intelligent thing I?ve read here all month."

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Sharon fingering Steve's asshole as he came. We'll all have another drink and get to know each other even better.

" "What do you mean can't go!" Gertie demanded.

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She stayed there for more than ten minutes before they sat and Cinda, once again, related the story from the moment she had entered the house until Fred had opened her attacker's arm and leg. She removed her clothes, all except Aslan her panties, and was looking for something comfortable to wear, something loose and non offensive to her burn.

Alice, please taste it for me. That night, the four teenagers went for dinner at the restaurant in the lodge.

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Faekora 1 year ago
Your credibility shot up to the moon with your use, here, of cherry-picked stolen e-mails that 6 independent investigations found to be balderdash.
Mutaur 1 year ago
I am old but I keep learning . Thanks for the info.
Vozil 1 year ago
You really need to dumb down. :-(
Grozilkree 1 year ago
Eh, not having the greatest day today. Feeling a little in the dumps. :( Not because of anything here though, just the doldrums of life.
Mezragore 11 months ago
I guess my thinking is that in the same way a woman takes a birth control pill to prevent conception they could within an appropriate time frame, or even just routinely, take the after pill. But I have limited knowledge. I'd recommend it more as a means of birth control than an abortifacent. At one month (after first missed period) organs are forming but still very rudimentary and is still considered an embryo rather than a fetus. So I'd still be accepting within that period I think.
Kekree 11 months ago
Ever heard of Vedism. Once again, you don't know what you're talking about.
Gujind 11 months ago
Yes, I would agree that gay bashers are far more vocal and will likely grow increasingly so w/every anti-LGBT SCOTUS judgment that comes down the pike. Those folks won't be likely to be interested in reading the dissenting SCOTUS opinion even though they should.
Meshicage 11 months ago
I?ve never heard of that, but that would make sense. However that?s not the case for the Ram. Studies have shown that some Rams have demonstrated a sexual preference to other males even when other Sheep were available.
Gut 11 months ago
I have no interest in a wedding of pompous, inbred rich people, no matter the religious connotations.
Nikogis 11 months ago
Hahaha! Why not? It?s an event...right? ????
Gulabar 11 months ago
Bias is learned. ..
Faurisar 10 months ago
Ok so the sloth gets eaten by another animal that needs to eat. It?s called the circle of life. Watch the Lion King if you don?t understand this concept. Nature is beautiful. Life is beautiful. God is good.
Zukus 10 months ago
Wrong on the first sentence.
Gardagal 10 months ago
Thank you my underworld friend. It was time for an updated pic of me anyway. Lol
Shanris 10 months ago
Pebble Beach, St.Andrews, Augusta....
Zulum 10 months ago
That would certainly make a great deal of sense. A good way for the elderly to contribute.
Dom 10 months ago
Which is exactly why I said she should ask herself. She will need to recognize her odds of success and know her best response if he declines though. And the advice concerning that takes our current culture into consideration, nothing more.
Meztijora 10 months ago
All of those, Libya, Syria and Ukraine were billed as an organic revolution when they were most certainly not. What makes you think Iran is not under the CIA's influence?
Daikazahn 9 months ago
Team it is your opinion that atheists are the worst. Based on a whole lot of nonsense, but sure. Your opinion.
Dazragore 9 months ago
Would make me want to go uncle Eddie on them and dump out RV tank on the intersection.
Murr 9 months ago
Less than 20 Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rocket attacks and none of them were children. Thousands and thousands of Palestinian women and children have been slaughtered by Jewish terrorists.
Kazrakree 9 months ago
But then I'm the "bad guy" for being so mean to the snot nosed brat. The same thing happened when I called people out for clogging up the intersection when the parents wait for the bus to the high school. These stupid helicopter parents claimed that it is only because I hate kids and hope they get kidnapped and killed. I wish I could say that I was exaggerating about that.
Ball 9 months ago
Sure. So now you lie.
Vugul 9 months ago
That's crazy !
Faezragore 9 months ago
Well, that did, at least, make me smile!
Zulkihn 8 months ago
Instead, you have a cookie cutter ruthless businessman that treats citizens like employees.
Tugul 8 months ago
" but it doesn't impact a person's overall quality of life after the procedure."
Malasar 8 months ago
What are Tanakh reconstructionists?
Kashura 7 months ago
Diet Coke causes AIDs though. Just sayin.
Kagakasa 7 months ago
So, nothing to offer to help him prepare.... gotcha. So if you were in his situation you be smart enough to do "anything" but have no idea what that is.
Dijar 7 months ago
yeah. Im going to get some lunch
Kazrakree 7 months ago
Kigajas 7 months ago
Or Hebrew into Greek--and Koine Greek at that.
Tashakar 7 months ago
We're going to hold him responsible for being one great player vs a vastly superior team? The games shouldn't have been as close as they have been.
Shaktisar 6 months ago
Okay, you seem to be talking about "consciousness" at a much more meta level than I was.

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