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"You're shitting me, right? That bit from Prager was as pathetic as it was predictable. All that is necessary for men to live together in groups are the assurances that you will not be killed and that your stuff will not be taken without your permission. Morality is a little like traffic long as everybody does what they are supposed to do, you will get to Grandma's house and home again safely. It is just an agreed upon system that works for everybody. There is no need EVER!, for thought crimes."

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Moogutaxe 11 months ago
I went to a private law school. It is no longer open. The owner passed away a few years back.
Tygokus 11 months ago
Haven't you heard, Jo? Any woman that doesn't want to have sex with any man that asks is a prude!
Kigajar 10 months ago
Don't you understand i'm answering your question?
Arashill 10 months ago
If you can't figure out what sexual equality means, I hope your wife has a backup plan.
Kak 10 months ago
As a Nova Scotian I'll just be glad when its over. It seems weve been hearing about nothing else in Canada for Months.
Arashijinn 10 months ago
Violence has a purpose at times as long as it doesn't go over the top....
Nelabar 10 months ago
I will get a better one else where
Gole 10 months ago
More sex is a snack?
JoJozil 9 months ago
Pure fantasy, capitalism is an economic system not a social policy system. Companies will only keep employees in the basement if government policies allowed for such a thing. And that has nothing to do with Walmart that has to do with the heart of man which is corrupt. That's why every economic and political system that has ever existed has flaws and those flaws tend to be related to human activity
Arashikree 9 months ago
That's not what I'm talking about. That's an example of someone making a truth claim.
Kagagami 9 months ago
Now, of course, you've hit upon one of the most controversial questions in the study of early Islam, and one that cannot be answered by linguistics alone: who were the Christians from whom Muhammad got his knowledge of Christianity? I'll leave that mess to the experts. South Arabia is definitely a good place to look though, and there may be some scholarly leg-work to be done in that area.
Shaktinris 9 months ago
I think personal worth, before it's internalized, comes from the earliest influence: That sense of being loved and the safety one received from his/her family.
Tohn 9 months ago
I agree - the next step is to increase wages - especially in the middle class. The fewer applicants will result in higher wages.
Zulkishicage 8 months ago
Yeah, there's still Jews in the world. Have been for ages.
Shakree 8 months ago
Which has nothing to do with whether or not you are gay. See, we're in agreement!
Fekree 8 months ago
She will go out of her way to avoid it
Tygoran 8 months ago
The leadership against him was also Christian. You can't argue this.
Maukazahn 7 months ago
By the way the guy you zapped named Payne is definitely Adam Holmes. He got called out with the same IP over yonder. So that must mean Adam is Ascension's ghost too then.
Kataxe 7 months ago
I don't think either way about them being easy, I just don't understand tattoos on either men or women.
Neshura 7 months ago
It isn't up to the baker who buys his products. If a customer comes in and wants a cake, he has to sell a cake. That's the nature of public accommodation. The baker owns a public accommodation business, as in, he serves the PUBLIC.
Zulunos 7 months ago
The Dumpster plays the same game that Saint Barack played...these aren't jobs you can support a family..or even yourself on. If you take 1 million good paying taxi jobs and turn them into 3 million below minimum wage legalized gypsy cab driver jobs with rackets like create an economic disaster in America's heartland.
Zulucage 7 months ago
That last part, how can the parents and teachers help if she doesnt say anything to them? In school, students turn to thier friends first for help and thinking they can handle it themselves, they become scared that the teachers wont help and parents will chastise them
Dugor 7 months ago
they are an excellent stand in for extracurricular animals
Fezuru 6 months ago
Dishonest is comparing religion with math and science. They are not the same at all and cannot be compared. Religion is more like philosophy. It can be debated and certain claims can be shown to hold more or less truth than others or to be logically superior/inferior but I don't know how to prove a belief and because you make the "cheap and dishonest" comparison between religion and math rather than answer my question I'm guessing that means you don't either. Either that or you just don't know what religion is to begin with in which case this might not be the best forum for you.
Nekus 6 months ago
Do Not Get A Blood Test for Herpes unless you have or have had symptoms.
Nenos 6 months ago
After that hourly quote, I was wondering when you'd find some teens! At that rate, and the hours needed= ?? no
Shasida 6 months ago
Is using well established science over debunked bronze age myth worth it? Yes.
Zuramar 6 months ago
Are you still in line?
Akigal 5 months ago
Not that much but just afraid that's all
Faegul 5 months ago
I don't see any indoctrination in what you presented.
Malazahn 5 months ago
Arian Christianity simplified the belief system by saying Jesus was basically the most perfect man who lived. Only God was god. That cuts out a lot of the Theological hair-spitting. Some of that theological speculation could not even be translated into some of the early Christians? languages. We still speak of One God in three

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