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398 16:498 months ago

"LMFAO, they gonna feed some ducks or something?"

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Gogar 8 months ago
I repeat, your opinions are irrelevant.
Motaur 8 months ago
This not about standards. Humans were doing moral philosophy all over the world before any Jewish or Christian penned a single word in the Bible. This is about believing claims in a book about spirits and super natural, or burning in hell if you don?t.
Voshura 8 months ago
Please find me ONE Con government that did that properly and their members, weren't hoare-ING themselves in the trough as a reward!
Samusar 7 months ago
Why would we?
Kagarn 7 months ago
Remember when Tex said a finance thread would bring spammers? It also brings incomprehensibles.
Mikasar 7 months ago
I found one reference to Mithra in Herodotus' "Histories" (1.131): "Others are accustomed to ascend the hill-tops and sacrifice to Zeus, the name they give to the whole expanse of the heavens. Sacrifice is offered also to the sun and moon, to the earth and fire and water and the winds. These alone are from ancient times the objects of their worship, but they have adopted also the practice of sacrifice to Urania, which they have learned from the Assyrians and Arabians. The Assyrians give to Aphrodite the name Mylitta, the Arabians Alilat and the Persians Mitra."
Kajizragore 7 months ago
In 2013, the Economic Policy Institute studied who would be affected by an increase in the minimum wage. Only 25.7% of people getting the minimum wage live in poor households, and fully half living in those making over $40,000, and 30% live in households making over $60,000
Dizuru 6 months ago
Power PMA Tuesday (TM) was so successful that not only did we get Monday's surprise problems sorted and solved by Wednesday, but the rain that had been forecast to hang over us all week cleared out for a sunny day yesterday and it's still going today.
Samukree 6 months ago
.. at least, the homeless man had tried to show proof to his claim... you, on the other hand , continue to post baseless garbage..
Daijar 6 months ago
I once wrote this:
Torisar 6 months ago
BANNED! Bye, Felicia.
Kazralabar 6 months ago
Lol it is the domestic consumers that buy products in the US market that are either foreign made because they are better and/or cheaper than US made products. So the US consumers decide what to buy, this choice is being manipulated.
Maut 5 months ago
He would have helped himself a lot more if he had stayed clear of politics.
Zulabar 5 months ago
Actually had this issue with a next door neighbor years ago. The neighbor had a 22 year old kid who had a 3 year old boy. The 22 year old was about 5'8" and built like a dirty movie's idea of an amazon.
Vura 5 months ago
recently found the Mike Rowe podcast called "The way I heard it". Great podcast, all short.
Maulmaran 5 months ago
EDIT: Please ignore this post and read my other one. When I wrote this, I misunderstood the research.
Zulule 5 months ago
Are you feeling alright?
Kajin 5 months ago
The OP is not about the current abortion laws (other than a thinly veiled attempt to insert current political conflicts into a spiritual thread and poke Christians hoping to generate cognitive dissonance). The OP was apparently about the spiritual guidance re murder as written in the foundational documents of the Abrahamic faiths.
Tokazahn 5 months ago
I'm not 100% sure of that Al.
Tygorg 5 months ago
A question to some atheists who probably will not directly answer:
Faer 4 months ago
It is only true in Trumptopia, the land where the Trumpites come from who support the Grand Trumperor.
Tojagore 4 months ago
Analogies deal with concepts.
Zoloshakar 4 months ago
She apparently blogged it on her personal Imgur gallery.
Gakus 4 months ago
They have every right to have sex. I never said that. I am just saying that people understand how we reproduce, so if you have sex you are taking a knowingly risk. What I am saying is innocent humans shouldn?t be killed and must be respected, that includes innocent humans in their first stage of life.
Kar 4 months ago
Really? Is syrup flammable or combustible? All kidding aside, that was a clever way of you saying that, if Trump thinks that they might attack us, his concern is unfounded (to be polite, like a Canadian would be, about it). I really hope, for the country's sake, that he wasn't actually implying that we could be attacked by our neighbors to the north.
Fezil 4 months ago
Ivory soap in the shower. Oh I remember those days.
Kazidal 3 months ago
Paul was a misogynist. But, in fairness, everyone was back then.
Dokree 3 months ago
Yes... b*tech, a$$, etc. We must get creative to circumvent the bullshitte discus censor.
Taum 3 months ago
I appreciate your well-considered comments, too, P the Ponzi. I?m glad to be able to engage in such constructive dialogue with you.
Domuro 3 months ago
Judging by the context (the rest of his comment), I didn't get an impression of immense cleverness.
Tetilar 3 months ago
Doesn't follow...yet. There is only one Facebook, which has very minor competition. There are probably dozens of bakeries within a reasonable driving time of a given customer.
Tojajinn 3 months ago
What has Trump done that has even inconvenienced Russia? He's exactly what they wanted in charge around here; an incompetent that is easily manipulated and who will tarnish the US's reputation world wide for decades. He's the Russian's wet dream, not nightmare.
Moogugul 3 months ago
Things change. The bible has to reflect that fact.

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