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"The god of Christianity exists: near zero"

Luxury Slut Sasha Rose Intensely Fucked by 2 Guys

"Please Carl be careful with your teeth, that would hurt me really bad, watch your teeth: oh god son this is wonderful" He was now rocking backwards and forwards, he was slightly fucking my mouth like I did to him. Alice's 'pussy' had gotten hard from sucking Dr.

"That's the plan," College groaned, her pussy quivering when Cap stuck his tongue in her slit and wiggled it around.

Luxury Slut Sasha Rose Intensely Fucked by 2 Guys

I've never cum so hard before. He was the owner of a strip club, and was willing to pay my mom twice what she was getting from John. She couldn't believe it when he saw it, but he took it all in. "Yes," she admitted, "But I never swallowed.

I wasted no time and immediately pushed her panties to the side so that I had access her dripping wet slit. I want Jeanna to suck it out of me!" She hollered to the entire state.

"At least he washes first," Cinders said, "Not like you!" "That's not fair, he's got hot running water at station. "He wants more than blow jobs miss," Ernie laughed, "You want to watch yourself!" Ted blushed crimson, "Look, I still don't think royal train has a bog on it," he said, "I likes you Cinders, I ent trying to con you.

"Thank god," the prince cried as he filled the bowl with secondhand vindaloo. "I have never heard of anything like this before. The man stops as he pushes his cock down guiding it towards Anna's waiting pussy.

He paused for a moment and said "Get undressed Cheryl. But, finally, even their stamina gave out and while Mary screamed her way through a third orgasm she managed to get both of them to shoot their loads into her body.

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Sanris 1 year ago
God is entirely beyond reason, that I'm happy to concede; it's part of the whole point.
Gardalrajas 1 year ago
Not even sure what tf you're rambling about. But what else is new with Jenny.
Mezihn 1 year ago
You fucking retarded imbecile, you're claiming LBB Barry shrunk the debt?
Gumuro 1 year ago
I miss 90's nickelodeon back when the cartoons were dope... Doug, Hey Arnold, AHH! Real Monsters, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy... Tiny Toon Adventures. I used to purposely wake up Sat morning to go watch.
Vinris 1 year ago
Amen to that
Gogami 11 months ago
They ALL want him--that is the point.
Tugore 11 months ago
so, you agree, prayer is a waste lol
Vigor 11 months ago
That changes nothing I wrote. Every person has presuppositions. Knowledge, in this case, is irrelevant as there are events which cannot be known. So, the presupposition is a BELIEF on something which cannot be proven, faith.
Vusida 11 months ago
here's some data instead of information, but you wont' look
Zologis 11 months ago
I am glad you endured. HUgs
Malale 11 months ago
That sounds about right!
Tusho 10 months ago
Nonsense, before the Jews revolted they paid tribute just like everyone else. When you take up arms, you have to expect to die. After the revolt, they were treated as traitors, and exiled.
Dounos 10 months ago
I am sure that you have already heard the story about the cosmologist Sean Carroll's conversation with the Dublin cab driver. In the course of that conversation, the cab driver told him that while 20 years previously Ireland had been the most religious countries in Europe, that now they were one of the least religious. That with the pedophile scandals, opposition to divorce, opposition to gay marriage, that Aids in Africa was bad, but that condoms were worse, and the abuse of orphans, the Catholic Church had lost the moral high ground. This vote was just one more indication of the loss of credence of the church in Ireland.
Muzil 10 months ago
Funny how CO2 levels were 5 times higher during the age of the dinosaurs, must have been all those vegetarian dinosaurs farting eh.......
Vushura 9 months ago
Here are contradictions.
Zutaur 9 months ago
Nice. That was interesting.^ The metaphor of the big bang, too.
Kajishakar 9 months ago
Drinks are on the way . . .
Kazrarr 9 months ago
NO, I *do not* "see God as poor" -- but I DO see this man using an inordinate amount of money (
Kigakasa 9 months ago
Well, the problem is getting less and less as modern society is changing Christianity for the better by creating a raft of complex eisegesis... but...
Kazil 9 months ago
If you serve the public you are obliged to do it indiscriminately. If a Nazi asks for a coffee, you have to serve him a coffee. If you sell computers, you don't decide whom to sell them.
Malataur 9 months ago
To muddy the waters. Once you concede that circumcision (the medical procedure) is beneficial, he'll say that that circumcision (Bris) is beneficial. This is a setup to an equivocation fallacy.
Kigagrel 9 months ago
Sciencophobia? Lmao Wow.
Zulull 8 months ago
One is enough for most women.
Dasho 8 months ago
Where is the car being kept
Dilkree 8 months ago
The learning curve.
Murr 8 months ago
Failed how? Because you say so? Care to compare your credentials to Drs. Carrier's and Price's? And by the way, I'm no fan of Price. Again, spare us your cheap self-aggrandizement. And by the way, just where did Boris mentioned either of these academics?
Vudoshicage 8 months ago
Your insecurity is on display.
Samujinn 7 months ago
Bet it was fun wrestling a full sized keg in there.
Tukasa 7 months ago
Fair enough. You do just like it says. Litmus test is given in there. It says to believe either by the word or by the works. Today, works are prophecy. John 14 29. When it happens as stated, you'll know. You prove God exists today...for the skeptic, like thommy boy. Believe by empirical evidence. 1/3 is prophecy. Spend a good solid day researching, watching documentaries etc
Yozshugor 7 months ago
I'm surprised you know of him. People have a problem with Copeland only because he teaches faith...and faith puts demands on the believer, not God. That's really it. But its totally scriptural. Its taught that way in the text. People can't handle that I suppose, need to blame someone...cause they can't blame God. It's pretty sad.
Fenrilabar 7 months ago
Good luck with that.

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