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"See that link above? Your claim about taxes being the key ingredient in the real estate prices is hereby disproven."

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It was a Tiny Dick and ball sac. When she pulled away, Marcela was wild with lust.

- Of course. " "Do you understand?" "Yes mam. I loved the sight and touch of her naked body. Soon the flogging has stopped but I am already taken to a sub level and comfortable being outside of my body of sorts as the taytoo toy is used on me.

His tongue rolled around my clit making me moan loudly. He then started pushing them in and out in and out quite hard, and every now and then he touched something in my bum ob gave me a wonderful feeling. He sucked up and down it, and licked my balls and felt my chest.

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more of the exquisite torture Greg pulled me forward and shoved into me. Of course I had never really spent much time thinking about her boobs as I had mainly only seen her at family gatherings in the past. In our marriage we share duties as much as possible.

The woman behind the counter shakes her head at Anna and waits for the men to disappear before she speaks It's no good you can't give it back', shocked Anna realises the woman was expecting Anna's return.

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Maugar 9 months ago
Objectively meaningless. You haven?t presented and facts or counter arguments.
Tomi 8 months ago
No. Rather, going down the road where you select which scientifically verifiable human should be granted human rights and which should not is both dangerous and despicable. Starting to rank scientifically verifiable humans as "more human" or "less human" has been shown to lead to tragedy and terror. Historically, it hasn't been a slippery slope, but a cliff.
Kajitilar 8 months ago
Then why do the genealogies trace through a figure both gospels claim isn't Christ's actual father? Are you saying the virgin birth is to be understood allegorically?
Arakasa 8 months ago
That final part is what is called the "no true Scotsman..." fallacy.
Kigar 8 months ago
Treating your slaves well (giving them only corrective beatings when necessary, ensuring they get enough to eat that they aren't stealing, not selling their children until they're 5 or so) is an example of objectively moral activity.
Shakajinn 8 months ago
Invisible things? Like what music? Thoughts? These things have measure. So far- god has none. You asserting differently isn't evidence.
Zulkikus 7 months ago
It was a fair judgement on what I believe to be the worst government I have ever had to live under. And that includes Rae.
Mikasho 7 months ago
Yes! I've been looking for an excuse to wear my wine purse ??????
Kecage 7 months ago
Read where it states DNA bar coding IS not in question any longer. The renaming species yet to be sequenced are predicted to follow as these others...90% identical within themselves and quite recent arising.
Zushicage 7 months ago
I think it may be more of a 'chronic' condition
Vikora 7 months ago
all people in power

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