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"Poor little guy. He looks exhausted."

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Kagak 8 months ago
Thanks, Capt. Non-Sequitur! I mean, sure, it's a lot easier to just spout out a catchphrase like "class warfare" and then call me a "liberal" (which, to you, is probably the equivalent of calling me 'dipshit'). It's not responsive to anything I said, of course.
Gami 8 months ago
Or how hawt that guy looks like. I?m superficial like that. :) oh and how good he can flex those biceps.
Kazile 8 months ago
I'm sure she will and the kids. You're going to have a lot of fun and WTF moments. The WTFs can be hilarious...
Dinos 7 months ago
"these are foreign children forcibly removed from their parents and placed in someone else's custody"
Kagashicage 7 months ago
No one can help noticing, but we can then look away. Its called bouncing the eyes.
Nibar 7 months ago
Once again, why should Pope Hilarius II have to?
Kazigis 7 months ago
not sure i do
Mazuzuru 6 months ago
Im saying that she led a normal, very human, very imperfect life. The same life the rest of us live.
Kagashakar 6 months ago
Morals come from man, not myth. Myths have been used as a way man explains morals, but they were created by man, just like the morals have been.
Dour 6 months ago
There is nothing wrong with being more comfortable with a male doctor, especially being male. There are many excellent male doctors out there. But I've seen studies that show male doctors have more biases toward female patients than male patients and that it's a real issue with male doctors being dismissive to female complaints when they go to the doctor. So your experience with male doctors might be slightly different then a woman's.
Akikus 5 months ago
How could christians justify atrocities if they god rid of the Old Testicle?
Dozragore 5 months ago
Tell that to any young women, those whom you are leaving out. Clean up your language, be inclusive.
Shaktizuru 5 months ago
The average poor person in those countries can see a doctor when their sick too
Kazikasa 5 months ago
Where does it say its good? There's a death sentence for slavery. Hows that acceptance? Hows that condoning? All evil is put away...slavery too.
Male 5 months ago
I was following you for a while there, but you lost me at "We can not sin." What exactly do you mean by that? Does this mean that we are incapable of doing any wrong? Does this mean that we never lie, or can never disobey parents or break the law? It doesn't seem to make sense to me, but I'd love to hear your rationale.
Dilkree 5 months ago
The dictionary definition suffices. That which is necessary. That which is not unnecessary. What the subject deems either way is irreverent to the morality of the action they take.
Mazule 4 months ago
Religion is cognitive software.
Mazut 4 months ago
The Protestant Church doesn't exactly have a sterling reputation for peace and acceptance either, though.
Yokora 4 months ago
As far as I can tell, he doesn't have one. My sister says the whole school is basically out of control. Teacher morale is low and they've all given up. They can't give out detentions. They can't fail students. They can't send them to the office. And the kids know all this.
JoJoll 4 months ago
If you don't know this happened, you aren't worth the time. You are a leftist who is not paying attention or getting your propaganda from "approved" sources.
Darisar 4 months ago
I don't understand it either. Our priorities are so fvcked up, as a Nation. The Germans I work with don't understand it either....and they had a fvcking wall!!! LOL!
Shagore 4 months ago
You say all those nice things, and yet you support discrimination against gay people. Be honest with yourself. I know you won't be honest with me, but my opinion of you is less than your own shame.
Mikagami 3 months ago
As if Trump even knows or cares anything about rhetoric coming from Canada. We're just collateral damage of his latest crusade.
Samuktilar 3 months ago
not gonna happen, I have no PC at home and I don't see nsfw stuff at work
Kazralar 3 months ago
Here is how "moral" your current Pope Francis is.
Kajidal 3 months ago
Exactly, which is a boundary.
Dazilkree 2 months ago
What a fantasy you have...
Nibar 2 months ago
At the dump

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