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"Religion is a lie. It is an human invention. No gods exist that humans have asserted to exist. We KNOW it is a lie because those that articulate that there is a god have never backed up their assertions with evidence. We also know what religion actually is and how it has changed and developed over the centuries. It isn't what it is claimed to be. Christianity is just as silly as Scientology. Which do you think is more valid? It is like arguing if Santa or the Easter Bunny are more real."


I was breathing hard when I parkz gasping and moaning from the bathroom door and I knew it was Zack from our escapades when we were little, so I let him be until he was done jerking off or doing whatever the fuck he was doing.

i need to know what it tastes like.


She mouthed to me "let's talk" and shook her head in the direction of the house. He raised her hands above their heads so they would come down to rest around his neck.

I let his cock slide down my throat as far down as I could, but his width made it hard to deep throat him as much as I wanted too. I loved trying on her thongs, I loved the way they went up my ass.

Maybe she likes it rough like I do, or maybe the money and gifts made it all worth it. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she's confronted. Parkd I got to camp, I spread the sail out using the old ship. I stopped, thinking I had done something wrong.

I will not let my Master down and I know he won't let me down. She was about 5'6 with shoulder length blonde hair indor emerald green eyes. But then a smile curled my lips when I realized my roommate's prank had backfired.

The bottom was so small she could even see a few whips of pussy hair poking out around the small triangle that framed her slit. I came in and noticed the locked door in my parents bedroom.

Her fingers found their way to her dripping cunt and she inserted two fingers and started finger fucking herself.

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Gokree 10 months ago
Yes. I mean 20 years later it was nice to see that my high school friends and my first love were doing well... we had some conversations and I could see why we connected, but in the end they aren't part of my life. After a bit, we kind of drifted apart again which is the way it should be.... if we need to contact each other for whatever reason we will.
Tumi 9 months ago
The Bible, God is so clear as to what he wants us to believe that His inspired words has spawned thousands of variant religious belief. Also, God was so bad at creation that his creation has given us the impression that it was created over 10 billion years old.
Mikasa 9 months ago
I love you too. Anything else?
Feran 9 months ago
I have no problem with registering guns. As a matter of fact my guns are registered. I paid for them and all the fees. Why should i give them up? I bought them. Ive never been arrested once. Why am i being punished?
Nitaxe 9 months ago
1.A science teacher should teach science. If a question related to Christian beliefs arises, the science teacher should provide the answer according to science. No ridiculing.
Nitilar 9 months ago
How is this relevant to the ex nihilo process during inflation?
Dailmaran 9 months ago
Sounds like the work of Cultural Marxists... Divide and Conquer is the modus operandi
Zugrel 9 months ago
Jim my previous post I mentioned to this hopeless individual she's making a complete fool of herself. She's a total waste of time. B
Voran 9 months ago
You're funny. And somewhat ignorant of logical fallacies in general so let me help you out here.
Dasho 9 months ago
I feel this is only an issue if you don't want to marry them
Vudokasa 8 months ago
Well prayer is defined as talking to a god, I think you are talking about meditation.
Fejinn 8 months ago
Your question(s) didn't make any sense.
Gora 8 months ago
But to a certain extent isn't everything we do based on a certain amount of faith? We are always weighing odds.
Dousho 8 months ago
Amazing life changing subjective religious "born again" experiences are common to all religions. Therefore none of course should fool one into thinking that they have something special and unique as they cancel each other out.
Shale 7 months ago
Well, if it sounds a bit to supernatural then it likely is. Virgin birth, water to wine, rib to person, parting of seas and rising from the dead can't really happen. So it's made up or these events actually occurred and were misinterprited. I lean towards parts of AAT .
Virr 7 months ago
Alexander the Great and the Romans certainly didn't enslave or eliminate everyone they conquered.
Zulushakar 7 months ago
Yes, I can see how many would see that as being harsh. As beautiful as some creatures are, there is simply no way to help them. Pandas are also a good example, albeit a more mysterious one. We have done more than meet them half way. We're not killing them, we're protecting their environment and we're even doing everything we can to help them procreate. The silly animals simply refuse to mate.
Mezijin 7 months ago
I didn't even suggest you respect me, though, Gillette.
Kazisida 7 months ago
Do you get confused often? Is there any way we can help?
Met 6 months ago
There is no Golden Rule in Islam. It has different rules for treating Muslims and Kafirs.
Vogore 6 months ago
Between 315 when Christianity was legalized and 6th century

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