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"I consider progressive Chrsitiantiy to be by far the most theologically defensible."

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We ate supper then after the evening news she went and took a bath. Her body went limp, like all the air let out of a balloon.

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Dave. Whe then had hot shower Blaack, then went Blaci the table then are mums room.

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Brazuru 11 months ago
Si' all things was made by Jesus Christ!!! The World(s) were framed by HIM!!! :) LOL!!!!
Doshakar 11 months ago
"....if my Dan club.'? Fake Texan; fake patriot; fake heterosexual and totally illiterate!
Arashijas 11 months ago
You clearly aren't listening to Dense and Graham, who are Dominionists!
Fezil 10 months ago
You keep using the bible as an argument. You should know that for many people that will be a non-starter. Try and use a real world example. Saying "Its godly wisdom" is an excuse for everything man does. Like I said. Wait for god to fix something and nothing will ever change.
Dait 10 months ago
His death was real, both parts. His substitution and punishment was real. That's a sacrifice. Don't be confused because His resurrection was more real.
Nilmaran 10 months ago
Mark, you can't ignore the heinous parts of this "moral code".
Zulusida 10 months ago
How so? Sunni and Shiite want to exterminate each other, hence the turmoil in the Middle East, and this is due to religious differences. They are both technically Muslim. Imagine what happens when, hypothetically, when one destroys the other, and they have enough time to realize "wait, there's a whole world of infidels!", because let me tell you. I have waaay more religious differences with either one of those groups than they have with each other.
Gosida 10 months ago
Anglicans (well, some of them) changed their minds about homosexual marriage, for example.
Arashiktilar 9 months ago
You should at least ask for clarification before you get so uppity.
Monris 9 months ago
You are free to run your business however you see fit.
Gobei 9 months ago
Why didn't any American media support the French Charlie Mag after its whole team was murdered for supposedly offending islam ? So much for boasting about freedom of speech and expression. It's simply quite selective.
Kajilmaran 9 months ago
Plus- isn?t life becoming less diverse?
Samusar 9 months ago
Are you saying these kids weren't there of their own volition?
Tomi 9 months ago
It set a precedent, and I sincerely hope more courageous people like this man of sincere faith win more and more cases.
Goltijas 8 months ago
Oh yeah I wasn't invalidating that. I have a couple of family members who are like that. Just saying sometimes it is lol poor them. Your friend is a lost cause lol.
Kazisar 8 months ago
Already answered repeatedly
Taugor 8 months ago
bahahahaha kinda like around here :P
Shaktijin 8 months ago
My temporary passengers:
Tauzahn 8 months ago
I have an income and that's all I'm going to say about that.
Daigami 8 months ago
Yes, I saw this while channel surfing this morning.
Arasar 7 months ago
I'm fairly convinced these people are just interested in children...
Yozshuktilar 7 months ago
It's changing again as we speak. Now it's People Of Color or POC.
Gardagami 7 months ago
Because the idea of God [in this case: "an incomprehensible being above everything else and unlike anything else, yet making sense to me"] could never be conceived by humans without supernatural influence - God exists.
Arakora 7 months ago
That doesn't change the fact that they killed other people. Are you saying Christ = Terrorist?
Mezahn 7 months ago
Whining about getting rejected is hopefully always going to be with us. If it went away, id be seriously worried, because it could mean we've transitioned to a handmaidens tale dystopia where women are no longer permitted to reject. I'd suggest that whining about guys who whine isnt the way to go. Anyway, whining about rejection isn't that same thing as harrassment.
Mikakree 7 months ago
Nope - I am no hypocrite. I just get the right-wingers all wound up by not joining in on their group-think.
Vudorn 6 months ago
Yet look who obsesses....
Brasho 6 months ago
It's a scale of your certainty. Certainty is a firm conviction that something is the case.
Mikajas 6 months ago
And? It?s not against the law to draw a picture of Mohammed in the US. So what point are you trying to make exactly?
Grot 6 months ago
Wait... someone actually called the cops on black people using a grill?
Faer 6 months ago
I already modified that statement... next
Kazikree 5 months ago
By the Word of the Lord were all the heavens made and all the hosts of them by the breath of his mouth..Psalms 33:6

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