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"I guess that may be true, but I've never seen it. Or if I have, it was the judgemental ruling in my favor, lol"

Pussy licking very closely and creampie in first plane (POV)

The party broke up several hours later. - Oh ok, would you mind if I come in and use the phone please sir. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I moaned and came. I wanted to utter nasty stuff to her but could not get enough breath to do it as I jack-hammered her ass.

Pussy licking very closely and creampie in first plane (POV)

?our vacations waits. And of course please rate it. The man stops as he pushes his cock down guiding it towards Anna's waiting pussy. I came in and noticed the locked door in my parents bedroom.

The room is full of beautiful women dressed to draw attention to themselves, although none of them is as beautiful as lonron. Cream inside my asshole baby. We danced like that until the end of the number, but when it finished I uhsbands away from him and started toward our little group at the bar.

"Umm. " It was now Taylor's turn to scowl. I have my face pressed close to her, tasting her, breathing her in, letting her unique, beautiful flavor tingle parts of my tongue that makes me think only image, and the image is only her.

I loved trying on her thongs, I loved the way they went up my ass. "Sure no problem Veronica," said Greg casually. "That is surely strange news to me. - Call me Jason, sir seems too old.

I tried to help, but I don't think it worked.

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Arashiktilar 1 year ago
ah, yo obviously didn't leave the seeds there long enough
Gugami 1 year ago
Welcome to Disqus. You are right about the way some on the site throw epithets at others. It really isn't necessary. Most discussions are civil with some sarcasm thrown it. You shouldn't take things too seriously. Take them with a grain of salt. And no matter how you are answered, you always have the choice to keep your part of the discussion civil.
Gum 1 year ago
Anytime you are talking about feminising a profession. What you are actually saying is: "in a society where I am free to study any subject I want, if I see that there arent enough women in say engineering, then I am going to ask for 'feminisation' of said profession, so that I'll get preferential recruitment."
Taukazahn 11 months ago
He turned someone way from his business because they where gay. This is bigotry
Metilar 11 months ago
Do you really think you can prove creation by attacking evolution through quote mining and rhetoric?
Kajijas 11 months ago
Looks like snow flake time has arrived DM ....
Maurisar 11 months ago
I'd have to disagree.
Doukinos 11 months ago
I hope you've been flagging them!
Vuramar 10 months ago
If you lost money in a robbery or felt pain in an absent limb I would believe you without evidence because they are likely to be true. If you tell me that the entire universe was created by an invisible being using a variation of magic I would require more than a book of old fables.
Daicage 10 months ago
The Gospel According to John.
Voodootaur 10 months ago
I think the big thing that I've taken from pro-lifers (who aren't really pro-life, but that's besides the point) is this:
Samugrel 10 months ago
Not even Elvis.
Kilar 10 months ago
You do know Liberia had colonists right?
Fenrinris 9 months ago
Plotinus. ... and that is the answer to life, the universe and everything.
Dull 9 months ago
Or, at least, wishful thinking.
Vudolkis 9 months ago
The A-team 500 rounds and a truck collision and nobody is hurt... That is realism of the 80's
Tajora 9 months ago
The Lord being with Judah (who isn't really a "him" but a "they," since it is talking about Judah's descendants) matters. But it doesn't mean that Judah will then be able to accomplish even that which God does not wish to happen. Assuming otherwise only reveals that you have some strange notions about the subject.
Bazil 9 months ago
Yeh, by shooting ourselves in the foot with the current President.
Grosho 9 months ago
Our brains are ((as are the brains of all animals)) future-predictors. They are also history-archivists. They are, too, historical revisionists. Feelers, dreamers, all.
Vogrel 8 months ago
You seem to be conflating our ability to know what objective morals are with whether there are objective morals. If there are objective morals we do not "arrive" at them, because they always exist.
Dobar 8 months ago
I couldn't have said it better myself if a gun had been pointed to both my heads.

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